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Bob The Robber 4


Bob The Robber 4 Description:

Bob The Robber 4 is a Puzzle Games that you can play online on UCoolGames.com. It has been played 3,205 times. Published On Jul 28, 2017.
This time, Bob the Robber is going to France to try to make a fortune. His stealth and stealing abilities are once again tested but with a bigger challenge. Avoid the security cameras and the guards or you can get arrested. You can also hide in the shadow and knock out the guard from behind. Pick the lock to open the locked door and don't forget to check all the objects to find some money. Steal the target item and go to the exit door to complete the mission. Use the money to buy new gadgets and costumes to help you on your mission. Each mission has a different challenge, try to observe your surroundings carefully first before making your move. Can you help Bob to successfully beat France's challenge?
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Bob The Robber 4 Instruction:

Left and right arrow to move; Up arrow to do action.