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Hugie Wugie Runner


Hugie Wugie Runner Description:

Hugie Wugie Runner is a Car Games that you can play online on It has been played 301 times. Published On Mar 23, 2022.
Hugie Wugie Runner is not a running game as much as it is a bicycle game, but the title is that because it is an endless one, with easy and fun mechanics and a really awesome and fresh adventure for you to had, as we knew this game had to be added after we've had a great time with it ourselves!

Become a runner with Hugie Wugie and see how far you come!

Use the arrow keys to accelerate and balance out the bicycle, having to see how far you can reach, because your performance in the game is counted by distance, so the bigger distance you achieve, the better.

Be careful not to fall because of the bumpy road, since you need to start again, and you also lose if you run out of energy, so make sure to grab the batteries when found to recharge yourself and keep advancing.

Good luck, all the best we want to wish you all, and we invite you to stick around for more to come, you won't want to miss out on any of it!
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Hugie Wugie Runner Instruction:

Press backward/forward to balance the bike. Press the up / down arrow key to move the bike.